Index of family-genealogies from South Africa



Descendants of Jacob Cloete who arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1656, & Sophia Raderootjes, who arrived in 1659, both from Oedt, near Kln (Cologne), Germany.


Descendants of Albertus Petrus Nysschen, from the Netherlands & Aletta Dorothea Roesdorf, who were married in Swellendam on 23 April 1826


Descendants of Jacob Salomon Rder (1748-1828), who arrived at the Cape in 1767, from Arnstadt, Germany, & Maria Elisabeth Benade (1759); and of JSR & Maria Margaretha Heyts


Descendants of Joost Strijdom, who arrived at the Cape in 1678, & Maryna Ras, born at the Cape in 1669


Descendants of Paul Ludwig Sieszmann, who arrived at the Cape in 1771, from Stolpe, Germany, & Susanna Cordier, born at the Cape in 1761

If you wish to discuss or add information, please contact me through my email connection. Please note that any genealogy information for persons born after about 1920 will not be published on this web site. Bona fide researchers can obtain extensions to these genealogies (where they exist) by direct contact with me, unless the originators of the information requested otherwise.


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